Thursday, September 4, 2014

MAME4ALL v1.3 for Dingoo A320 Native

It's been a long time between releases. I've been busy with a host of stuff, so I'd better start releasing them!

First is MAME4ALL v1.3, which has a host of new features. You really do need to read the "whatsnew.txt" file included in the Binary download for all details. The "readme.txt" is also updated so please look at that for updated information on controls.

Quick summary of the major news:

* Vastly improved front-end, now featuring full snapshot preview support. Almost 2000 snapshots are included, all taken from within this version of MAME4ALL!
* Huge number of bug fixes, including a long standing sound bug which improves sound for many, many games! Including the newly supported Zwackery.
* Huge number of new games added and existing games updated.

Zwackery now works, nice game and despite needing 6 buttons, plays fine once controls are customised.

Macross, new game added, complete with sound.

 Konek-Gorbunok, another new game added.

New frontend. Grey name is a clone, Red name is a non-working game.Preview snapshots "slide" out from the right. If there is no snapshot, nothing is displayed. Multiple snapshots for the same game cycle around.

GCW-Zero version of MAME 0.37b16, MAME 0.66 and MAME 0.84 coming soon, complete with integrated frontend and preview snapshot support.


  1. Thank Slaanesh, very good to know that our beloved Dingoo can still burn a lot of games.

  2. So awesome. This'll keep me busy while waiting on the GCW-Zero versions ;D

  3. I'm adding hardware scaling to the GCW-Zero version(s).

  4. Slaanesh: Wooow, MUCH CONGRATULATIONS for your fabulous improves in the dingoo !

    Here my '6 but short' questions, please :)

    1 - About MAME : what do I have to install: the 'Native Binary' files or the 'Native Source Code' ? Or both files ? Any order or any suggestion ?

    2 - All the info about how/where to put the emulator/roms and so on, is well explained in the .txt files, right ? :)

    3 - I heard that your MAME is the best, the fastest ever done, better that the MAME made for dingux, with more compatibility too, right ?

    4 - The romset to use is: '0.37b5', right ?
    I know there are also some roms of '0.37b16' and '0.84'. Then, in these last: should I search the roms that you put, right ?

    5 - About your Temper (PC Engine emulator): what should be the format of the songs ? Should I convert.. ? Any advice ?

    6 - I know you have your own important proyects but: what about a good emulator for sega cd in the dingoo native ? The one that exists already does not accept all the games/roms, just 'some' games.

    THANK YOU so much in advance, Best

  5. thanks for the emulator,
    but there is some way to change the exit button?
    my console has bad the L button
    (sorry for my bad English )

  6. I still love my Dingoo A320, and recently installed this native MAME version 1.3 Question - I have cheats enabled, I see it on the menu during the game, but when I click on it nothing happens. The cheat file is where it is supposed to be. How do I get the cheats to work ? Thanks

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