Sunday, September 21, 2014

Dingoo A320 Native and Gamepark GP32 - vAtari v2.0

I originally made vAtari because the GP32 was sorely missing a good Atari 2600 emulator and as it happens so does the Dingoo A320 in Native mode.
The original version of vAtari for the GP32 was entered into the PACC 2010 contest. It didn't win but it did provide excellent motivation to get most of the work on it done.
Since then, this version has many fixes and enhancements including more accurate graphics and sound and higher compatibility.

My two favourite Atari 2600 games: H.E.R.O  

..and River Raid

The Dingoo A320 is my first .SIM release so there is no frontend end: it uses the Dingoo Native's OS to select a ROM.

The GP32 version has a frontend: select a game and press either 'A', 'B' or 'Select' to start the game. The button you press to start determines the GP32's CPU clock rate.

In both cases, the Atari 2600 ROMs should be uncompressed and have the .A26 suffix.

* Joystick provides movement for either joystick or paddle.
* 'A' Button is the fire button.
* 'B' Button is the fire buttons on the "other" controller.
* 'START' Atari Reset.
* 'SELECT' Atari Select.
* Games the require two joysticks, hold 'B' button to use second joystick
* Games the require two joysticks, 'L Shoulder' is the other fire button

A320 Specific
* 'Power Slider' to switch off.
* Hold 'L + R Shoulder' back to O/S.
* 'L Shoulder' decrease volume.
* 'R Shoulder' increase volume.
* 'Y' toggles Player 1 difficulty.
* 'X' toggles Player 2 difficulty.

GP32 Specific
* 'SELECT + START' back to frontend.
* 'L + R' Information screen
* 'L Shoulder' toggles Player 1 difficulty.
* 'R Shoulder' toggles Player 2 difficulty.


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    Pode me ajudar no passoa passo? já tentei fazer do modo que esta no arquivo más não consigo...
    No dingux eu consigo instalar, más na versão para o dingoo nativo a320 não consigo.
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  4. I love all of your work, back to the GP2X days, and love that you've made a native 2600 emulator. I can not, however, get vAtari to open any ROMs. I downloaded the full romset in .BIN format and renamed them to .A26 but whenever I run the emulator it says "file not found!". My files are in \GAME\VATARI\