Thursday, May 9, 2013

MAME4ALL v1.1 for Dingoo A320 Native

It's only been 3 years since the last release, but here it is at long last!

MAME4ALL v1.1 for Dingoo Native! Hooray!

I hope it's been worth the wait. There are LOTS of updates and changes.

There's a huge list of "what's new" so I won't list all the gory details here, suffice to say this release is bigger, better and stronger - meaning that more games work, they work faster and it's more reliable!

See the included "whatsnew.txt" for a full description of what has changed.

MAME4ALL v1.1 Splash Screen

I'm also going to release a new version of MAME4ALL for Open Dingux which will include the changes I've made in this version. I may even release another version for the GP32 - I love that old console!

Also, I've recently received a Dingoo A380 kindly donated by retrodd. I plan on releasing a version of MAME4ALL for the A380 as well.