Sunday, September 28, 2014

Temper 0.81 for Dingoo Native v2.0

Temper is a "Turbo graphics EMulator PEr Request" originally written by Exophase - in other words a PC Engine emulator.
This release was ported by Slaanesh and works specifically for the Dingoo A320 under the native operating system.

Steam Hearts PC Engine CD Game works nicely now with improved audio!

Dai Makai Mura for PC Engine Super Grafx.

Temper has been updated to 0.81 and includes the following fixes and improvements:

* Faster! All Hucard and most CD games now run full speed at 336Mhz. All Super Grafx games run fullspeed at 384Mhz. The default clock speed is now 336Mhz.
* Audio bug fixes including a nasty CD audio bug. Much nicer audio all round.
* Changed menu keys, shoulder keys are used to navigate between files and directories.
* All keys are now re-definable. There is also a hard coded combo which always gets back to the menu: L+R+SELECT
* Screen scaling mode now supports 352 wide modes (also known as 341 pixel mode). ie. R-Type
* Other fixes.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Dingoo A320 Native and Gamepark GP32 - vAtari v2.0

I originally made vAtari because the GP32 was sorely missing a good Atari 2600 emulator and as it happens so does the Dingoo A320 in Native mode.
The original version of vAtari for the GP32 was entered into the PACC 2010 contest. It didn't win but it did provide excellent motivation to get most of the work on it done.
Since then, this version has many fixes and enhancements including more accurate graphics and sound and higher compatibility.

My two favourite Atari 2600 games: H.E.R.O  

..and River Raid

The Dingoo A320 is my first .SIM release so there is no frontend end: it uses the Dingoo Native's OS to select a ROM.

The GP32 version has a frontend: select a game and press either 'A', 'B' or 'Select' to start the game. The button you press to start determines the GP32's CPU clock rate.

In both cases, the Atari 2600 ROMs should be uncompressed and have the .A26 suffix.

* Joystick provides movement for either joystick or paddle.
* 'A' Button is the fire button.
* 'B' Button is the fire buttons on the "other" controller.
* 'START' Atari Reset.
* 'SELECT' Atari Select.
* Games the require two joysticks, hold 'B' button to use second joystick
* Games the require two joysticks, 'L Shoulder' is the other fire button

A320 Specific
* 'Power Slider' to switch off.
* Hold 'L + R Shoulder' back to O/S.
* 'L Shoulder' decrease volume.
* 'R Shoulder' increase volume.
* 'Y' toggles Player 1 difficulty.
* 'X' toggles Player 2 difficulty.

GP32 Specific
* 'SELECT + START' back to frontend.
* 'L + R' Information screen
* 'L Shoulder' toggles Player 1 difficulty.
* 'R Shoulder' toggles Player 2 difficulty.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

MAME4ALL v1.3 for Dingoo A320 Native

It's been a long time between releases. I've been busy with a host of stuff, so I'd better start releasing them!

First is MAME4ALL v1.3, which has a host of new features. You really do need to read the "whatsnew.txt" file included in the Binary download for all details. The "readme.txt" is also updated so please look at that for updated information on controls.

Quick summary of the major news:

* Vastly improved front-end, now featuring full snapshot preview support. Almost 2000 snapshots are included, all taken from within this version of MAME4ALL!
* Huge number of bug fixes, including a long standing sound bug which improves sound for many, many games! Including the newly supported Zwackery.
* Huge number of new games added and existing games updated.

Zwackery now works, nice game and despite needing 6 buttons, plays fine once controls are customised.

Macross, new game added, complete with sound.

 Konek-Gorbunok, another new game added.

New frontend. Grey name is a clone, Red name is a non-working game.Preview snapshots "slide" out from the right. If there is no snapshot, nothing is displayed. Multiple snapshots for the same game cycle around.

GCW-Zero version of MAME 0.37b16, MAME 0.66 and MAME 0.84 coming soon, complete with integrated frontend and preview snapshot support.