Thursday, May 9, 2013

MAME4ALL v1.1 for Dingoo A320 Native

It's only been 3 years since the last release, but here it is at long last!

MAME4ALL v1.1 for Dingoo Native! Hooray!

I hope it's been worth the wait. There are LOTS of updates and changes.

There's a huge list of "what's new" so I won't list all the gory details here, suffice to say this release is bigger, better and stronger - meaning that more games work, they work faster and it's more reliable!

See the included "whatsnew.txt" for a full description of what has changed.

MAME4ALL v1.1 Splash Screen

I'm also going to release a new version of MAME4ALL for Open Dingux which will include the changes I've made in this version. I may even release another version for the GP32 - I love that old console!

Also, I've recently received a Dingoo A380 kindly donated by retrodd. I plan on releasing a version of MAME4ALL for the A380 as well.


  1. Hi Slaanesh,

    I'm going insane as I want to play this on my dingoo A320 native and for some reason when I press any of the .apps nothing happens the system just hangs. I currently have the whole mame4all folder in APPS, but also tried in 3D folder. I'm running firmware 1.2a by omgomg. It must be something I'm doing stupid. For the love of god what am I doing wrong!! :)

  2. BTW I fixed the problem - for some reason the SD card inserted caused the failure. After removing it mame4all works fine