Thursday, December 26, 2013

MAME4ALL v1.0 for Dingoo A380

Some time ago a forum member named 'retrodd' donated an A380 to me on the promise that I would deliver a version of MAME4ALL for this nice little handheld. Well at long last, here it is!

I'm happy to announce v1.0 of MAME4ALL for the Dingoo A380!

What is MAME4ALL (MAME)?

MAME is Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator - basically it emulates arcade games from the 70's, 80s and 90s.

MAME4ALL for the A380 is based on my Dingoo A320 Native version of MAME4ALL and includes all fixes and updates from that release. This version also contains some extra enhancements and new games playable.

The mame.dge launches the MAME4ALL game selector.
Use mame_vm.dge also has extra commands to setup and use a 64MB swapfile for extra large games - recommended with all "larger" games. ie. Neo Geo.

Download Dingoo A380 MAME4ALL v1.0 Binary
Download Dingoo A380 MAME4ALL v1.0 Source Code
Discuss Dingoo A380 MAME4ALL v1.0

Zombie Raid now working (along with many other seta.c games!)

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  1. Thanks a lot Slaanesh for this nice MAME4All port for the Dingoo A-380. This is just what we needed for the the Dingoo A-380 CFW.