Tuesday, November 12, 2013

MAME4ALL v1.2 for Dingoo A320 Native

Lots of work went into this BIG release!

So many new items and changes that I will only list some of the bigger ones here.
  • Big update to memory handling means more memory for games.
  • Huge update to FAME CPU emulator now plays every M68000 game.
  • New compressed graphics storage - larger games now work.
  • Lots of new games now working and added.

If you have any issues please consult the included text files for information first.
The "readme.txt", "whatsnew.txt" and "FAQ.txt" are all updated with each release and will answer most questions.

The Simpsons working at full speed with sound.

Operation Thunder added. Plays nicely.

In The Hunt added with sound

Outrun - now running nicely with FAME


  1. This version of the emulator Mame4all gave new life to the Dingoo A320. Many cool games now work, thanks!

  2. In the hunt? With sound? In the Native OS?

    Thank you very much!!!!!!

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