Saturday, January 2, 2010

OpenTyrian v1.0 for the GP32

More love for the GP32.

This time the classic DOS arcade shooter Tyrian or in this case OpenTyrian.

The GP32 version mode runs fullspeed at 133Mhz but with out music.

Originally intended as an entry for the GP32 revival competition which never happened, this was something I always wanted to port across to the GP32. It's turned out rather nicely too - much better than I anticipated. There are separate FLU/BLU and BLU+ versions included in the binary package

I also have a Dingoo A320 port too. I know there already is an A320 version but I did my own version of it - which is faster and has a nice full screen display. This will be available shortly.

UPDATE: I've updated the Binary Package as I originally included a slightly out-of-date executable for the BLU+ version. The FLU/BLU version was correct. The BLU+ version is fixed in v1.01. You should download the Binary Package again if you are using the BLU+ version.


  1. gracias por realisar nuevas cosas para gp32
    es una grata sorpresa saber que hay personas que todabia a poyan a esta gran consola, gracias nuevamente

  2. Sorry Slaneesh, but can you release our OpenTyrian version for Dingoo ? I simple love this game, and played a lot the Dingoo actual port, but the music is not good.
    Thanks in advance!

  3. Any news on your dingoo port?

  4. Id love to hear news about the dingoo port