Friday, January 1, 2010

MAME4ALL GP32 v1.1

Happy New Year 2010!

The GP32 is still alive and kicking!

Updated release of MAME4ALL for the GP32 v1.1.

What's MAME4ALL? It's a fantastic handheld-optimized version of MAME, the multi-arcade machine emulator. MAME4ALL was originally ported and enhanced for the GP32 and GP2X by Franxis.

This new version for the GP32 has a few tasty new features:

* Improvements to frontend.
* New graphics (by Antiriad).
* Faster code.
* New DrZ80 modes.
* Lots of bug fixes.
* New games working.

Please see the included whatsnew.txt and readme.txt for full instructions.

New Splash Screen (thanks to Antiriad, with some modifications).

Discs of Tron now works complete with artwork (included in package).


  1. Gracias por la nueva versiĆ³n del MAME para GP32 personas como tu hacen que esta gran consola siga viva

  2. What a huge release! Who'd have thought the GP32 would get a new MAME4ALL version in 2010? This and OpenTyrian are already sitting on my SMC :)

  3. Great emulator. It is the main reason to install dingux. The only problem is that I cannot bet R-Type Leo to work. It starts to load the rom and then crashes.