Sunday, September 13, 2009

MAME4ALL GP32 v1.0

Yes, it's for the Gamepark GP32.

It's been a long time coming, the finally version 1.0 of MAME4ALL GP32.

With all the development I've been doing for the A320 Dingoo, I wanted to step back for a moment at get this out the door.

Many people will consider the GP32 dead - and for all intents and purposes it probably it is. I would say that most users have ditched it in favour of a GP2X, A320 Dingoo or even a PSP. I still have my GP32 and I can't bear to relegate it to storage. For me, it's what really piqued my interest in the handheld emulation scene - though I arrived on the GP32 scene way after it started in 2001.

Anyway, here it is.

There's a few changes from the Beta - most notably are the controls:

- Joystick: Up, Down, Left, Right of 1P.
- Buttons A,B,L,R,SELECT,START: Buttons A,B,C,D,E,F.
- Button SELECT+R: Insert credits
- Button SELECT+L: 1P Start
- Button START+B: Pause
- Button START+R: FPS display
- Button START+L: Profiler display
- Buttons L+R+SELECT: Exit to selection menu to select another game.
- Buttons START+SELECT: MAME menu.

Overall it's faster, much more stable and supports a few more games.
Most things work - including the ability to take PNG snapshots of games (though they will need to be rotated/flipped due to the GP32's non-standard video memory arrangement).

Download from the GP32 file archive.

The above link is ready to go!


  1. GRACIAS la gp32 es la mejor consola que he tenido y el mejor emulador el MAME4ALL

  2. good news for Gp32!!

    Slaneesh is the best man on Dingoo scene!!!

    You´re THE MAN!!!

  3. Great work, I'm just about to go on holiday and always take my GP32 NLU as it's the only console you can play in direct sunlight. Just loading up my SMC now! Thanks. Dave18

  4. Thank you Slaaneeh! Could you please release source code of this version?

  5. I will release source code with the follow-up v1.1 coming soon.