Monday, September 21, 2009

gpSpout GP32 v1.2

Distracted by the GP32.

Why another release? Did the GP32 really need an update of gpSpout?
I've played quite a lot of gpSpout on my trusty GP32. It's one of those instant on and play games that I love.
However, after playing it for many hours, i found that the scrolling wasn't quite up to scratch. Why wasn't it smooth? :-/

So i had a look at the code.
I wanted to add double buffering and flip screens with v-sync.
So i did exactly that.
Unfortunately this slowed the game down a fair bit and it no longer ran fullspeed.
I rewrote the video blit code, quick test and thankfully we've got a fullspeed game again.
Whilst i was at it, I improved the hiscore saving code to only save once on exit - help save those precious SMCs.
I also set the screen refresh to 100hz which is a good match for the game's native 50hz refresh.
The end result is significantly better display than version 1.1.
Try v1.1 first and then v1.2 so that you can appreciate the difference.

Big thanks to Florian Hufsky for the original GP32 port of Spout.


  1. Hi, slaanesh sorry to post this here, but i read somewhere that you were working with a win32 toolchain on the dingux, are you going to release it? Anyway thanks for your work on fba320.

  2. Hi Slaanesh,

    Thanks for this update :)
    Spout is really one of the best games on GP32.

    Happy to see that GP32 is not abandoned.

    Fei (a french GP32 user)

  3. I didn't notice this when it was first released and I just saw it now. Thanks for still caring about the GP32. gpSpout is a huge timewaster, the only thing that could make me spend more hours playing it would be a story mode :p

  4. hey man!

    Do you have news about FBA and MAME for DINGOO??
    Thanks man!