Thursday, August 27, 2009

DinguXMB v1.0 released

DinguXMB v1.0 released (port of GP2XMB)

DinguXMB is an alternative frontend/application launcher for Dingoo A320 running Dingux.

Download DinguXMB. Please ensure you are running the latest Dingux rootfs as DinguXMB is not statically linked.

DinguXMB running on the Dingoo A320.

Quick instructions:

Press 'A' to select.
Press 'B' to cancel or go back.
Press 'L' to decrease volume.
Press 'R' to increase volume.
Press 'X' to create a shortcut. You must have a valid executable currently highlighted from the games section.
Press 'SELECT' to exit. The 'main' script provides a 5 second countdown. The intention is that you can safely use this time to switch off.

Currently, only executable files ending with '.sh' or '.dge' are recognized by the game launcher.
This is a design decision to encourage other developers to stick with using ".sh" for scripts and ".dge" for executables.


  1. Very nice, I have one common complain regarding dmenu and xmb

    most of the people making "menu's" and config files use windows (so they use '^M\n' for newlines). and this tends to totally mess things up if you mix linux newlines with it (using vi over telnet)

    Thanks for the release I will Enjoy using it.

  2. I have updated the file archive to v1.01 - the only change is that the "main" script has been fixed.

  3. hi slaanesh,

    possible to opensource it, and work together on this xmb? if you read the forum, i have many suggestions and ideas for this.

    I have servers with lots of other opensource svn repositories, so i can add another one for this.


  4. I am just wondering if anyone else is having issues with the "Built-in memory" stuff? Every time I try to use the Built-in memory instead of the SD card in dinguxmb, I just get the sd menu. The SD card part works perfectly.
    anyone else notice this "annoyance"?

  5. How do I use PSX4ALL with this if it's NOT AN .sh or .dge FILE!?